Why put floor mats in your car?


When you acquire a new vehicle, you immediately want to protect it and preserve its interior for as long as possible. While some will bet on seat covers, others will rush to buy car floor mats .

So why put car mats ? Are they really necessary? Let’s take a look at this must-have car accessory .

Floor mats to protect the interior of your car

You have just purchased your vehicle. It’s beautiful, it’s clean, it gives off that famous “new” smell and you don’t want that to change. The floor mats will allow you to protect the original carpet from humidity, dirt , repeated friction from users and all daily hazards.

You don’t like cleaning, and even less in your car? So opt for floor mats or rubber mats . Easy to clean , they will allow you to preserve the interior of your vehicle as much as possible. A light vacuum cleaner or the passage of a sponge will suffice to remove the most stubborn dirt.

Acquiring floor mats is also the assurance of preserving the value of your vehicle as much as possible. Indeed, in case of resale, an intact coating is always a good argument in front of a demanding buyer.

Floor mats: essential for safety

Car mats are also valuable allies against road accidents. Indeed, non- slip car mats have an underlay that prevents them from slipping and holds the driver’s foot well. At Tailleur Auto , our mats have effective non- slip properties and the patented Autogrip system. Equipped with bindings , they do not slip under the pedal. Avoid low-end shopping mall mats which can neglect this safety aspect, slip under the pedal and become dangerous.

How to choose your floor mats?

Floor mats are an ideal option to effectively protect the original car carpets , but they also bring a certain touch of originality and aesthetics to the vehicle. Play with materials, finishes, colors or even logos. At Tailor Auto , we allow you to customize your floor mats , for a unique effect.

Would you like to freshen up a used vehicle whose owner did not wish to invest in protective mats ? Opt for our universal or made- to-measure floor mats , with unbeatable value for money. Whatever your choice, all our accessories are designed in high-end materials .

Safety, aesthetics and protection! These are the qualifiers that could sum up the importance of buying floor mats for your vehicle . Are you convinced?

So don’t hesitate to discover our wide choice of reliable and durable  floor mats and take advantage of our many promotions.

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