What is the minimum amount to open a bank account?

amount to open a bank account

Made by bank transfer or check, a first payment is required to open a bank account, in the vast majority of cases. This is all the more true for online banks. Indeed, for the latter, it is a guarantee to ensure the solvency of the new customer. Moreover, as it is not possible to physically meet the potential client, it is also an additional assurance for the online bank to verify the identity of the new subscriber.

This initial payment, most often made in the form of a bank transfer , must be made via an account in the name of the subscriber. In other words, a third party cannot make this initial deposit.

This first payment must also meet two other conditions:

This must be done from a banking establishment in the European Economic Area.

The payment must be made from the account corresponding to the RIB which will have been provided beforehand.

However, the majority of traditional banks, that is to say having a physical network of banks, also require a minimum deposit. And if it is not mandatory, other conditions will be required (such as the domiciliation of income).

In addition to this minimum deposit amount, you will have to send a file (by post or electronically) with the supporting documents requested to open your new account.

To open an account online , a minimum amount will often be required, regardless of the bank. Precisely, what minimum amount to open a bank account in a 100% online bank?

Discover in the table below the minimum amount to open a bank account in the main online banks.

The minimum amount to open an account in a traditional bank

To open a current account in traditional establishments, a first payment will also often be necessary. Although, for some physical banks, this deposit is not systematically requested. But what is the minimum amount to open an account with a physical bank?

Here is the summary table of the minimum amounts required when opening a current account with a traditional bank.

Point of vigilance: if some banks do not require an amount to open a bank account , the issuance of means of payment (bank card and / or checkbook) will be carried out only from the moment the account is supplied. This provisioning can be done either by an initial deposit, or by the payment of a salary (in the case of a bank domiciliation) or any other income.

Can banks refuse to open a bank account without deposit?

Both traditional physical banks and online banks have every right to refuse the opening of a bank account without an initial deposit, especially when this is explicitly required for account activation. In practice, the offers and welcome bonuses , sometimes particularly generous, offered by certain banks make it possible to “compensate” for this initial deposit. Either way, the amount to open a bank account is yours, it is not a cost in any way.

Similarly, some banks, especially traditional banks, may accept that you open a new account with no minimum amount, but this opening without a deposit generally requires that your income be domiciled within this establishment. Moreover, if the newly opened account is not funded, the bank will not grant you means of payment (credit card or check).

To go further, banks even have the right to refuse the opening of an account to a client, without necessarily justifying this decision. In fact, this refusal is often justified by the applicant’s insolvency, repeated cash flow problems, or even if the latter is subject to a banking ban or an over-indebtedness procedure.

The bank has the duty to issue you a certificate of refusal to open an account. This document will allow you to benefit from the procedure for the right to an account. The Banque de France will then designate a banking establishment near your home, or the place you have indicated. The latter will then be obliged to open an account for you with basic banking services.

How to open a bank account with or without deposit with lesfurets?

You therefore have the choice of opening an account with or without an initial deposit. But even in the latter case, you will therefore have to fund this account, by domiciliating your income there for example. The payment of an initial deposit is therefore the minimum to open a bank account . With lesfurets, compare existing offers to choose the bank that meets your real needs. With or without a minimum amount at the opening, you can make your selection, also depending on other selection criteria: amount of bank charges, associated services, attractiveness of bonuses and welcome offers… You should ask yourself the right questions .

With lesferets, you can then select the establishment and formula of your choice, then quickly open your new bank account, with or without a deposit.

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