Top 5 tips for success on instagram

success on instagram

Instagram has millions of users on its platform, of which you may be a part, but there are many who don’t know how to create interaction around their posts . Agence Influenceur has therefore looked for some advice and ideas for you to make your Instagram account more attractive!

You will find as a bonus at the end of the article tips to apply for brands and companies.

What works best to attract the eye and retain your subscribers is to have a harmonious feed . To do this, you can use the same filter on all your photos

A nice clean profile photo  that matches your feed will highlight your profile and make you want to read the rest of your Instagram page.

A well-written biography will also make you score points with potential followers! Do not hesitate to use emojis corresponding to your profile or your passions to easily summarize your personality and capture the attention of Internet users.

Also consider adding a link to your site, blog or other social networks in your bio to increase their traffic.

tips for success on instagram influencer agency

This advice seems obvious to you, but do you really know what we mean by “being active”? Instagram’s algorithm doesn’t just see you posting regularly !

To show Instagram and your followers that you are active, simply take the time to respond to comments and private messages from your followers! The more you show interest in your community , its questions, its messages, the more responsive it will be to your messages and your questions!

Instagram also takes into account your likes and your subscriptions to know if you are active, so it can make you more visible to other users.

Inspired by Snapchat, Instagram has made it possible for its users to create creative stories . These stories are more and more interactive and offer you many possibilities! For example, polls allow you to ask your followers questions about a topic of your choice. Take advantage of this extra to get to know your audience better and adapt your next posts !

For bloggers , use Instagram Stories to create polls for your blog posts ! Try to find out what your readers thought about it, what topics interest them the most, etc. You will be able to put a face to your readers and better understand their desires.

Want your community to react more to your photos? Add a question to the description of your posts ! Your subscribers will feel more concerned by your publication and will be all the more eager to leave you a comment.

Draw attention

Like all social networks, Instagram provides its users with practical tools so that they can exchange. One of the characteristic tools of the Instagram social network are hashtags! They are very easy to use and are very useful for your visibility! Whether they talk about your mood, the brand sponsoring your post, or a keyword summarizing your visual, hashtags are very effective in creating interactions under your posts .

The Instagram platform also offers you the possibility of tagging people in your photos . This option is very effective for attracting the attention of accounts that inspire you or brands that you want to collaborate with.

Instagram also allows you to indicate the geolocation of the places you have visited . Use this option without moderation to attract people who frequent these places or live nearby. You can introduce the place to your community or gain followers accustomed to the place !

By combining hashtags and location , you make sure to reach a local audience , which is more receptive to your message. Users just have to search for the name of a city, a restaurant or a park via a hashtag or its location to find your posts!

For those who have the possibility, creating contests is a way to thank your subscribers but also an interesting way to attract new subscribers to your account! The competitions receive strong engagement from Internet users.

Instagram’s algorithms can be picky! To maintain the visibility of your posts, remember to regularly change the hashtags under your photos.

You’ve heard a lot about hashtags, but have you ever thought about creating personalized hashtags ? Your nickname, your first name, the name of your community, your company; creating a personalized hashtag will allow you to unite around you and, why not, introduce your account to the most curious Instagrammers.

Brands and companies

To get known faster on Instagram, you need to help influencers and their notoriety. Offer partnerships , sponsored posts or promo codes, create collaborative products or organize contests with influencers. If you choose your ambassador well, you can benefit from an interesting return on investment and a refreshed brand image!

Also take advantage of the possibility of boosting your publications so that they appear more easily in the newsfeed of your targets.

If you have an online store, you can also put a direct link to your products in your posts . You will increase the number of visits to your site!

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