What Are The Benefits Of Rugging Horses?

horse rug

As a horse owner, you may have encountered the term “rugging”, referring to putting blankets on horses. Rugging is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, especially during the colder months. However, people have different views about rug usage and its effects on horses. Understanding the benefits of rugging horses is important to make an informed decision on how to take the best care of your equine friend.

Here are some potential benefits of rugging horses;

Keeps horses warm:The most apparent benefit of a lightweight horse rug is that it helps to keep them warm during the colder months. Horses that are not rugged are more likely to lose weight than those that are rugged. Horses with weight loss problems are more prone to diseases like colic, which can be fatal. Rugging helps maintain a constant body temperature, which is vital for the horse’s overall health.

Provides protection:Rugging horses also offer protection against insects like flies and mosquitoes, which are known to cause irritation and allergic reactions in horses. It also protects horses from bad weather, such as heavy rain and snow. A rug protects the horse’s coat from getting wet, muddy, or dirty, which reduces the need for grooming time.

Helps promote shiny coats: Fly rugs for horses can also help to promote shiny coats. The blanket can collect natural oils from the horse’s skin and coat and then spread across the hair to produce a polished appearance. Moreover, rugging prevents the hair from getting damaged by harsh weather conditions, which can further improve the coat’s quality.

Helps regulate body temperature: Rugging horses can also help to regulate their body temperature. When it gets hot, lighter rugs reflect heat better than heavy rugs. And in winter, heavier blankets will retain more warmth to keep the horse’s body from getting too cold. Regulating body temperature is essential because it helps to maintain your horse’s homeostasis – the stable internal environment that keeps horses healthy.

Aiding in recovery: Rugging can benefit horses recovering from illness, injury, or surgery. It helps keep them warm and comfortable, promoting a faster recovery process.

Improves comfort levels:Rugging horses can significantly enhance their comfort levels. A horse with horse numnah on will experience less itching, scratching, and irritation, which can reduce their overall happiness and well-being. Rugs provide a pillow-like cushion to the horse’s back, which can help prevent back pain and muscle injury.

Minimizing coat growth: Rugging can sometimes help prevent excessive coat growth during cold seasons. This can be particularly useful for horses that must maintain a specific appearance for competitions.


Rugging horses that are housed outdoors can be beneficial for their overall health, comfort, and happiness. Rugs keep horses warm during cold weather conditions and protect them from insects. They also help promote shiny coats, regulate body temperature and improve the horse’s comfort, depending on a range of factors such as climate, breed and activity level. Choosing the right rug for your horse’s specific needs is essential. Consult your vet or equine practitioner about your horse’s requirements based on the climate and lifestyle.

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