Kinds of Workers’ Compensation Benefits You May Receive After a Workplace Injury in Glendale

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Predicting how long it may take to reach a workers’ compensation settlement is hard. A lot of factors come into play including the seriousness of the injury, the anticipated long-term effects of the injury, and the willingness of the insurer to negotiate. But usually, it can take a minimum of one year to reach a claim settlement. A workers compensation lawyer in Glendale can help you avoid making mistakes and ensure you can submit the necessary document on time, preventing unnecessary delays in your claim. Also, they can negotiate a fair settlement for you. 

Types of Compensation Benefits Available

The following are workers’ comp benefits you may be able to receive after suffering from a work-related injury in Glendale, Arizona:

  • Temporary benefits. These benefits will replace up to 2/3 of your average monthly wages while you still cannot work.
  • Medical benefits. These cover the medical expenses related to your workplace injury including your medications, surgery, examinations, doctor’s visits, physical therapy, rehabilitative care, and assistive devices. 
  • Specific loss benefits. These benefits cover loss of use of a body part including the limbs, ears, and eyes. and permanent disfigurement. 
  • Permanent disability. These are awarded if you suffer a workplace injury that prevents you from returning to your job. They are based on factors like your age, the nature of your injury, the analysis of your doctor about your lost work potential, and your occupation. 
  • Vocational training. These are awarded if you end up with a permanent disability. These can help you learn new skills by taking part in educational programs and retraining without incurring related costs. 

Who May Qualify for Benefits?

If you sustained an injury while doing your job, you must see a doctor right away and notify your employer about the workplace accident that got you injured. These steps will affect your workers’ comp claim, which you must file within one year of the accident with the Industrial Commission of Arizona. 

To be eligible for workers’ comp benefits, you need to have sustained an illness or an injury in the course of your employment. Also, you need to have medical evidence to support your workers’ comp claim. Your company will pick the doctor you are required to see. Also, your employer should report the incident and your injury to the ICA within ten days OF getting the notice from you. 

Sadly, insurance companies are notorious for denying even legitimate claims. Also, employers will try to contest claims to make sure their insurance premiums do not increase. If you are in this situation, you must hire a skilled workers’ comp attorney to help you navigate the complexities of the process. 

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