Importance of point-of-sale advertising

point-of-sale advertising

POS or point-of-sale advertising is a communication strategy widely used in stores today. It is set up with the aim of being visible to consumers when they visit the company’s points of sale. It then influences their purchasing decision, and therefore represents a powerful communication tool that you should not do without.

Why is PLV important?

The POS is important, even essential for commercial companies, because it represents a very effective marketing tool. She enjoys immediate proximity to buyers, which allows her to communicate more directly. Today, with the rise of e-commerce sites, one might think that over time, point-of-sale advertising will end up becoming useless. However, this is far from the case.

Studies have in fact revealed that French consumers remain very attached to the act of in-store purchase. We therefore find a majority of buyers who prefer in-store purchases to the detriment of online purchases. This is proof that point-of-sale advertising is a strategy that still has many years ahead of it. It represents the last straight line, between the consumer’s need and the moment of purchase of the product. It can therefore influence their choice at the last minute, and even promote compulsive purchases in some cases.

It is possible to use different tools to measure the effectiveness of your POS strategy. You will therefore have no trouble knowing whether or not it is beneficial for the development of your turnover. Also, be aware that this classic marketing tool can take various forms and offer many opportunities to help you optimize your sales.

Importance of point-of-sale advertising

In summary, POS is a scalable strategy, measurable and easy to adapt according to the behaviors of your consumers. It therefore presents itself as a perfect solution to increase the company’s sales in the long term.

To implement a good point-of-sale advertising strategy, you need to know the different steps to follow. The first is to find out about the target clientele. Indeed, to properly prepare your POS strategy, you must first know your customers, their behaviors and their needs. For this, it will be necessary to define the target, and to establish the profile of the customers likely to be interested in your offer.

It may be more interesting not to focus only on your customers, but on an entire community. In this way, you will be able to reach a larger target and win new customers. Then, for your strategy to pay off, you need to decide when is the best time to implement it. The next step will be to properly present the products you want to highlight.

At this level, the most effective solution is to use shelves of different colors and perfectly decorated, for the display of products. This makes it possible to act positively on the minds of consumers, because they say to themselves that the products displayed are necessarily of good quality. They will then be tempted to make the purchase and will thus be able to discover your products. Thanks to this psychology, you will be able to better organize your POS campaigns and increase your chances of success. So do not hesitate to use supports of all kinds such as flyers or luminous totems to attract the attention of your target.

As you can see, the importance of point-of-sale advertising no longer needs to be demonstrated today, because it allows you to obtain more than satisfactory results.

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