Choosing the Right Size and Shape for Your Custom Made Live Edge Table

Live Edge Table

Any house may benefit from having a bespoke live edge table as the focal point. With its organic contours and distinctive beauty, live edge wood gives any area personality and warmth. Choosing the proper size and form is essential to ensuring that your live edge wood coffee table or other live edge furniture fits well in your area and fulfils your practical demands.

In this blog article, we’ll discuss some important factors to consider when deciding on the size and style of your custom live edge table.

Assess Your Space

It’s important to assess the area that is available where you wish to install your live edge table before getting into the specifics of size and form. Measure the space while taking into account the size of the room, the distance between furniture and walls, and the direction of foot movement. This evaluation will assist you in determining the largest possible size for your table and ensuring that it complements the other components in the room.

Functionality and Purpose

Take into account how you plan to utilize your live edge table. Do you see it as a useful eating surface or more of a place to keep little goods and serve coffee? You may choose the right size by considering the table’s intended use. A dining table often stands between 28 and 30 inches tall, whereas a coffee table typically has a height of 16 to 18 inches. Consider how many people you typically seat to make sure there is enough room for everyone.

Seating Capacity

Think about how many people you want to be able to seat comfortably when determining the size of your live edge dining room table. It’s crucial to make sure that everyone has adequate room to move around the table and sit without feeling crowded. As a general rule, allow for around 24 inches of breadth per person to ensure enough area for the elbows. If you want extra seating alternatives, such as benches or chairs with arms, think about how this would affect the table’s overall size.

Considerations for Live Edge Coffee Tables

In living rooms or lounges, live edge wood coffee tables are decorative and practical objects. Consider the seating configuration and the distance between the table and the other furnishings when choosing the size. To ensure simple access and functionality, choose a coffee table that is proportionate to the seating space. In order to give a comfortable surface for setting goods or putting your feet up, take into account the height of the coffee table in relation to the sitting height.

Customization and Expert Advice

Selecting the ideal size and shape for your custom live edge table can be considerably aided by working with an experienced furniture builder or designer. They can offer insightful opinions and suggestions based on their knowledge and experience. By offering renderings or sketches, they may also assist you in picturing how various sizes and shapes will seem in your area. To get the finest results, don’t be afraid to talk to them about your preferences and needs.

Shape and Style

Live edge tables are available in a variety of designs, including oval, round, square, and rectangular. Every form has certain benefits and attractive visual qualities. Square and rectangular tables are traditional options that offer symmetry and may seat more people. On the other hand, round and oval tables encourage dialogue and foster a cozier atmosphere. When choosing a form for your area, take into account the furnishings and décor already in the room.

Proportions and Balance

An attractive arrangement must be created while maintaining proportion and balance. Choose a table, whether it’s a live edge kitchen table or any other custom-made furniture, that won’t dominate the room if your space is little. On the other hand, if your area is big, a tiny table could look out of place. Make sure the table becomes a focal point without taking over the entire area by aiming for a healthy balance between the table’s proportions and the room’s scale.

Personal Preference

In the end, your choice should be determined by your own preference. Consider your own preferences, your way of life, and the atmosphere you want to create. A sleek, uncomplicated style can be more appealing if you value simplicity and clear lines. A table with a more detailed living edge and natural elements, on the other hand, can be the ideal fit if your taste is more rustic or eclectic.

Taking Away

Making a practical and aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture for your house requires careful consideration of the size and shape of your custom-made live edge table. You can make sure that your live edge wood coffee tables, live edge kitchen tables, or custom made dining tables not only satisfy your practical needs but also improves the overall aesthetics of your living space by taking into account factors such as space, functionality, shape, proportion, and personal preference. Accept the elegance of live edge wood and let it add a touch of nature’s craftsmanship to your house.

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