5 tips for finding a leaving gift for your colleague


An employee dear to your heart recently announced his retirement or the end of his contract, and now you have an idea: what is the best parting gift for this colleague?

To help you give him a truly memorable gift, discover here the key tips for choosing the right one, as well as some ideas to consider. Let’s go to give him an original gift, which will leave a lasting mark on his spirit!

Tips for giving the right starting gift to your colleague

Looking for the perfect gift? Before you rush on the first small present, or on yet another list of the best gift ideas, here are some key tips to find him a gift that will please him for sure.

Tip #1: Think personalization

To do this, you will need to focus a little more on the subjects and themes that are close to your colleague’s heart . Is he a fan of nature, gardening or rural discoveries? Is it more oriented towards technology, video games, high-tech? Does he have the soul of an intrepid traveler? Does he like the world of culture, art, reading, cinema or theatre? So much information that can help you make him happy, with a co-worker leaving gift focused on his personal pleasures.

Don’t hesitate to think about the experiences you and your colleagues have had with him , in the professional or personal gift. For example, do you have photos taken with him, or memories of times spent together, that could turn into a personalized gift idea?

Tip #2: Opt for an original gift

Perhaps you have already witnessed that awkward moment when a colleague receives the most banal parting gift, which they may have already been offered in a previous job… And no doubt do you want to avoid this type of reaction. To do this, your goal should be to find an original leaving gift idea for your co-worker .

Another tip: also avoid gifts that are directly related to work . For example, high-tech gadgets (USB cup warmer type or mouse pad), which he will probably forget to put on his desk in his new company, are to be banned if you really want to please your collaborator.

Tip #3: Choose an ethical gift

At a time when eco-responsibility and sustainable development are at the heart of the concerns of many individuals, it is no longer conceivable to choose gifts that do not respect the environment and the humans who designed them!

So check that the supplier from whom you buy your colleague’s leaving gift has made eco-responsible and ethical commitments . No more single-use plastic gifts, coming from factories at the end of the world, where working conditions are deplorable!

Tip #4: Select a sustainable gift

The good leaving gift for a colleague is also a memorable gift , which he will not put aside as soon as he returns home.

If you choose a gift for him, make sure that he can remind him of his experience in the company and the colleagues he has appreciated so much.

If you rather choose an experience for him to live, make sure that it can leave him with an unforgettable memory.

Tip #5: Match your ideas to your budget

Last tip: before you start looking for your original, ethical and personalized gift idea, be sure to decide on the budget you can devote to it .

Do not hesitate to involve the HR department, to find out if there is not a budget planned for departure gifts for colleagues. Also take care to launch a company kitty if necessary , so that as many employees as possible can participate. You can then finely define the budget that you can put into the perfect gift for your colleague.

6 corporate leaving gift ideas to consider

Ready to give your colleague a truly memorable and personalized gift? Here are 6 clever ideas to consider to spoil him, and mark his departure from the company.

Your colleague’s farewell party is part of the end-of-contract experience that you are offering him: so think about organizing it in advance.

Contact the HR department or your Office Manager , who will no doubt have good ideas for organizing everything

Think of original group activities to animate this starting drink: escape game , ax throwing, initiation to an original sport…

Organize interventions for the evening , such as a moving speech from your manager or humorous games

In addition to marking the occasion for his departure, you promote good humor and participate in a friendly employee experience. Good game !

What starting gift idea for small budgets?

If you haven’t been able to raise a lot of funds in your kitty, or you work in a small company with few staff, maybe you have a rather limited budget for your colleague’s parting gift.

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